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Feel free to mail a check (made payable to “It Takes a Village”) to:

It Takes a Village
PO Box 146
Cummington, MA 01026

Hilltown Village Inc., DBA It Takes a Village is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. All contributions are tax-deductible.

May we tell you a story?

Allison stands in front of a store shelf where the baby formula usually is, bouncing 4-week-old Eva.
But the shelf is empty.
The can at home will only last another 4 days.

On the way to school pickup, the pediatrician calls – they still need a referral for Jack to see the behavioral specialist.

The hospital calls – she still has an outstanding bill from the emergency c-section.

The school calls …
              … Her heart stops.
                               … Did something bad happen?

It’s midnight. Allison scrolls social media while rocking the baby.
“Why don’t they just breastfeed?” the comments say.
“Just discipline them,” other parents say.
“These people shouldn’t have had kids,” the world seems to say.


The tears begin to well behind her eyes.
“I can’t handle this,” she whispers.
“Maybe they’d be better off without me,” she wonders.
“There’s no one who can help me,” she sobs.

But there is someone who can help.
Allison is about to find her Village.

“It’s ok to not be ok. Your Village has your back,” the post from It Takes a Village reads, with directions to the Monday Parents Group.

Kat, the facilitator at Parents Group, coos over baby Eva and holds her so Allison can drink her tea. Another mom invites Allison to visit the Village Closet with her tomorrow. Her son has special needs too – does Allison want the info for the ADHD support group?

At the Village Closet, Becky asks what kind of formula Eva needs. Allison finds sneakers and a raincoat for Jack. “Do you know about our Home Visit Program?” asks Becky.

Erika arrives at Allison’s house. She holds Eva so Allison can take a shower. She folds the laundry as they chat about Eva’s birth. Allison cries, and Erika listens. In the Family Resource Guide, they find the list of therapists who take her insurance. They set up a time for Erika to come back next week.


What would have happened if Allison hadn’t seen that post, hadn’t gone to group, hadn’t found that Village?

What will happen to Allison tomorrow if the Village disappears?


Every year, 3,000 Allisons find their Village through Parent Groups, the Village Closet, and the Home Visit Program (and so do 3,000 Evas and 3,000 Jacks).

Without donations from individuals like you, there will be no Kat at Parents Group. There will be no Erika visiting new parents. There will be no Becky, and the Village Closet – the ONLY donation center like it in New England – will shut its doors.

Can YOU make sure the Village is there for this Allison
and every other Allison who needs your help?