The Village Closet

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The Village Closet is a donation center in Huntington, MA full of maternity, baby, and children’s clothing, supplies, and diapers. 

Everything here is 100% free to everyone in the community, regardless of income or town of residence.

See below about visiting, taking things home, donating, and volunteering!

COVID-19 Safety Updates

updated 7/29/21

The Village Closet is open to the public for “shopping” and donations on Sundays and Mondays from 11am-2pm and Tuesdays from 5-7pm.

ALL visitors over the age of 2 years are required to wear a face mask while inside the Village Closet, and are asked to practice social distancing.

If you or a family member have a fever or flu-like symptoms, or if you have exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms, please wait until you are symptom-free before visiting.

You do not need an appointment. If you cannot visit during our normal open times, please email and we will try to accomodate an alternate day or time.

If you would rather have curbside pick up, click here. A staff member will contact you to schedule your pickup time. 

Thank you for helping keep our community safe!

*We follow the guidance of the Gateway Regional School District, which evaluates the COVID-19 risk based on the percentage of positive tests in the six Gateway Regional District towns and the 12 surrounding cities and towns. They reevaluate the risk weekly, so please continue to check back here and on our Facebook page.

Visit the Village Closet


We have free parking at the Village Closet. If the parking lot is full, please park at the Library across the street. **Please be a good neighbor and make sure you are NOT blocking anyone’s driveway**

Can't come in?

If you are high-risk or have an emergency situation, you may request baby supplies. Please email A Village Closet staff person will reach out to you and discuss how best to get these items to you.

Want to Volunteer?

We always need extra hands to sort and put away donations. Check out our volunteer calendar and choose a time that works for you!

What is at the Village Closet?

The Village Closet is a donation center full of FREE maternity, baby, and kids clothing, diapers, and supplies. We believe there are enough baby things out there for everyone, and that every parent deserves the chance to choose clothing and supplies just right for their baby.

We are a proud member of the National Diaper Bank Network. We are also grateful for donations of both disposable and cloth diapers from:

Who can "shop" here?

Anyone! It doesn’t matter where you live or your income level. Some families visit the Village Closet to save money on baby gear, while others want to reuse clothes and supplies to reduce their impact on the environment. For families without transportation, email and we will do what we can to get items to you. 

“I just want to express my gratitude over this program. It has already helped me so much, just in the one time that I was able to make it up there. And I think it’s wonderful what you guys do. Thank you so much for your help.”

Can I donate baby items?

We gratefully accept new and gently-used maternity, infant, and children’s clothing, diapers, and supplies during open hours.


Please see the list below for certain restrictions:

The Village Closet accepts:

  • Baby and kids clothing and shoes
    • Sizes Preemie through Juniors
    • New or gently-used
    • Clean, no stains, no rips or tears
      • Other donation sites will recycle ripped and stained clothing and textiles, such as Salvation Army, GoodWill, and the yellow PlanetAid donation bins.
  • Maternity and nursing clothing
  • Diapers (cloth and disposable) wipes, and diapering accessories.
    • Open packages of disposable diapers are fine
  • Feeding supplies
    • Unopened Breast/Chest Pumps, clean pump accessories
    • Infant Formula and unopened shelf-stable baby food
    • Bottles, cups, toddler utensils
    • No other food or housewares
  • Infant car seats, convertible car seats, and booster seats
  • Cribs, “Pack n Plays”, bassinets, co-sleepers
  • Strollers
  • High Chairs
  • Blankets and bedding
  • Swings and baby seats
  • Books and toys (newborn through preschool age)
  • School supplies for preschool through elementary school, such as notebooks, pencils and pens, markers, crayons, binders, calculators, etc.
  • and other baby furniture, equipment, and supplies that are clean, in good condition, and not recalled or expired.

How else can I help?

If you are donating items, help us by:

  • separating clothing by size, season, and style (i.e. items originally marketed to “boys,” gender neutral/non-binary, everything pink and frilly), and labeling the boxes or bags.
  • cleaning the clothing before donating, and removing any ripped or stained items.*
  • cleaning any furniture or gear as best you can (car-wash detergent is GREAT for high chairs!)
  • Volunteering! We always need extra hands to fold and put away. Check out our volunteer calendar and choose a time that works for you!
  • Delivering to families in need! If you can drop off items to families without transportation, fill out an application here (we will provide you with a safety-kit including masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer)

Thank you for the warm welcome to Huntington, from our new business neighbors in the Southern Hilltowns.

Thank you the many organizations and foundations who are dedicated to the health and safety of families in Western Mass.

It Takes a Village’s programs are always 100% free to families, regardless of income or circumstance. We rely on sponsors, grantors, and generous individuals to keep it that way.

Do you want to keep these programs free?