Childcare Subsidy Program

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The Childcare Subsidy Program provides low and moderate-income households in some Hilltowns with a subsidy to help cover all or most of the cost of daycare, preschool, or before and after-school care if parents are working or in school. 

Please read the guidelines below and then click Apply Now!

Do you qualify for a childcare subsidy?

ALL of the following must be true:

  • You live in:
    • Chesterfield
    • Cummington
    • Goshen
    • Plainfield
    • Peru
    • Worthington
    • or Williamsburg                
    • (Looking for support and live somewhere else? Click here)
  • The child in childcare is five years old or younger.
  • The childcare facility (daycare, preschool, or wrap-around/before or after-school program) is a licensed childcare program. (Check here to see if a program is licensed). Note: the childcare program or facility can be in ANY town.
  • The child’s parent(s)/guardian(s) are working, in school, or in a work-training program during childcare hours. You will need to submit pay stubs and W-2 Forms to show that you are employed or in a work-training program.
  • Your household annual income is below the following limit. This includes ALL forms of income, including Social Security benefits, child support, 401K, etc. See below for a list of the documents you will submit.
    • Household of 2 people – $56,800
    • Household of 3 people – $63,900
    • Household of 4 people – $70,940
    • Household of 5 people – $76,650
    • Household of 6 people – $82,350

How to apply

  1. Before you get started, you will need to gather the following documents for all parents or guardians in the household:
    • Last year’s Federal Tax Return (Form 1040) with all schedules
    • For salaried applicants
      • Two months’ most recent pay stubs (stub must identify employer, gross earnings, and year-to-date earnings)
      • Previous year’s W-2 Forms for all employers
    • For self-employed applicants:
      • Three (3) years Federal Tax Returns (Form 1040) with all schedules
      • Three (3) years Corporate Tax Returns with all schedules
      • Year-to-date Profit and Loss Statement
    • Proof of any other income sources
      • Social Security (retirement/disability/death benefits)- copy of current check or award letter or bank direct deposit or official SSI or SSA printout)
      • Unemployment – signed statement from DET indicating amount of benefits and date benefits were received
      • Child Support – copies of checks or bank direct deposits, or current court order or letter from attorney
      • Transitional Assistance – copy of current statement of benefits signed and dated by local office
      • Pension/Retirement – copy of current check or bank direct deposit or letter from
        source showing type, amount, frequency, and effective date of benefits)
      • Worker’s Compensation – copy of current check or award letter indicating effective dates of payment)
    • Proof of other assets
      • Last 6 months of bank statements
      • Proof of other assets (i.e., stocks, mutual funds, 401k, etc.), with six months of statements.
  2. Download and fill out the application. Click here to download (make sure to save the pdf file to your computer)
  3. Email the application to or mail to:
    • It Takes a Village
      PO Box 146
      Cummington, MA
  4. Our program coordinator Steve Hertzberg will reach out to you and confirm that they have all the necessary paperwork. Steve will process your application and let you know if you qualify.

If you have questions about the application or qualifications, please email

Then what happens?

  1. You choose and sign up with a licensed childcare program or facility.
  2. The childcare facility will send an invoice to It Takes a Village every month, and we will pay them directly. You will receive an invoice for your portion of the bill, and depending on income and attendance, the program may be able to cover all or most of the monthly costs.

If you have questions about these qualifications or the application, please email or call 413-650-3640.

Make sure to download the PDF file to your computer or print it.

The Child Care Subsidy Program is an Equal Opportunity Program. This Program is funded by a Community Development Block Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Housing & Community Development provided to the Town of Chesterfield, and administered by It Takes a Village.

It Takes a Village’s programs are always 100% free to families, regardless of income or circumstance. We rely on sponsors, grantors, and generous individuals to keep it that way.

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