Your Closet questions answered AND coming up… A clothing swap for all

Part One

Hello all, this is Maureen from the Village Closet.

All baby clothes, maternity clothes, baby carriers, diapers and nursing supplies are located in the basement of our home at 33 Bryant Road in Cummington. Bryant Road is also called Route 112 South and is directly beside the Old Creamery Deli & Coop on Route 9 in Cummington. Follow Bryant Road (Route 112 South) up the hill and we are the first property on the left. Follow the driveway up to the top of the hill where you can park and enter the pink basement door. All the tubs and items on the shelves marked ‘Village’ are for you to take from. We have an abundance of these items right now but have not yet quite reached the point of asking folks to withhold donating. Village donations may be left on the bench there. Please note that we no longer accept foam mattresses, or any clothes or items that are stained, broken or in rough and tumble shape. Thank-you!

Families and volunteers are welcome to come by the Village Closet in our basement anytime, but are asked to call 413-634-5431 and leave a message when you plan to come or when you’ve been so that we can keep track of the comings and goings. If phone is not easy, please email me at We recognize that your time is not always easy to plan, and it is not always easy for us to get back to you promptly, so please don’t wait for me to call you back in order for you to come unless you are looking for a particular item and are waiting for a response.

If you are looking for larger baby items (strollers, high chairs, bouncy seats, etc.), these are kept in the Village loft of the garage of our shop at the bottom of our driveway, in a harder to access area. Please let me know when you would like to come to look through those items so that I can pull stuff down for you. I will return your call or email within one week. I can also pull things down from the Village loft and leave them out for you on a particular day if that is easier.

It is my experience that the world is filled with enough baby items already and I encourage you and yours to come check out what we have to offer before you purchase such things. Please tell your friends, too! Families have been very generous in their donations and we hope that you will find what you need.


p.s. Please note that we have a steep gravel hilltown driveway that we do not drive up during winter. During the winter months, your best bet is to park at the bottom of the driveway and walk up. Some folks prefer to do this even during the non-snow months.

Part Two

FREE Clothing Exchange!
Saturday, June 21st from 9am-2pm
Fellowship Hall (in the rear of the Congregational Church)

Donate those unwanted or outgrown clothes!

Ashfield Needles and Threads is hosting a Free Clothing Exchange–a community hand-me-around to facilitate Recycling, Reusing, Sharing & Happiness on Saturday, June 21st from 9am-2pm at the Congregational Church on Main Street. Come see what’s available!

You are invited to drop off clean clothes, shoes, bedding and towels in excellent condition between Sunday, June 15th & Friday June 20th. Drop offs can be left in the entryway to St. John’s Church on Main Street.

Then on June 21st, everyone is encouraged to bring family & friends & reusable shopping bags. Remember, folks can come pick out some clothes whether they brought any to share or not. Stock up! Leftover items will be redistributed through local organizations and non-profits.


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