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Hilltown Village Events 2014

There’s a lot to look forward to in the New Year from the Hilltown Village!  And many ways to help this little community organization thrive:

We have made a change to our Mothers’ Group schedule in 2014.  We are offering an evening group at the Cummington Family Center once a month.  We hope this new group will serve mothers of infants and young children who are unable to attend during the day.  It will be held on 2nd Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm.   Free coffee, tea and childcare are provided.  Our first evening group will meet February 11th.  You can help this group succeed by helping us get the word out.  For more info please visit our Mothers’ Group page on this site.

In March we are planning our first ever Volunteer Appreciation event to honor and celebrate all our wonderful volunteers.  We will be announcing the day, time and location very soon, so stay tuned.  This will be an opportunity for the whole community to gather to acknowledge the generosity of spirit that has lightened the load of so many new parents over the years.  If you’d like to help with this event please let us know.

Also in March we will be launching our 2nd Annual Fundraiser.  Please give what you can and know that your contributions stay right here in our community ensuring that this organization stays strong and is here for the long haul.  If you are unable to contribute financially or volunteer there are many other ways to support The Hilltown Village.  Getting the word out is hugely supportive.  Let your neighbors, friends and family know about us, “like” our Facebook page or visit our website.  These simple things help us be more visible so that families, volunteers and supporters can connect with us.

In April we are teaming up with the Cummington Family Center to support families interested in the practice of “babywearing.”  The Hilltown Village is welcoming of all parenting practices and approaches and does not advocate for particular ways of doing things.  At the same time we know that there’s a lot of interest in our community about babywearing and that sometimes families need a little help in order to learn this skill.  “Babywearing” is a catch all term to describe carrying a baby or young child in a sling, wrap, pouch or other carrier.  On April 9th during the regular Wednesday playgroup, families and caregivers are invited to bring their carriers and questions about babywearing.  Experienced babywearers are encouraged to come and offer support to other parents.  If you have a carrier that you would like to pass on this is a great moment to find a new home for it.  The Green River Doula Network recently sponsored my attendance at a three day training presented by the Center for Babywearing Studies.  I’ll be on hand to share what I learned about safety and comfort with anyone who is interested.  This is a free, casual gathering and all are welcome.

On May 4th we will be offering our Spring Village Volunteer Training for community members interested in providing home visits to rural families with newborns.  Please see our Volunteering page for more details.  Location and time TBA.

We are very excited to be planning our birthday party!  In the fall the Hilltown Village is turning FIVE and we are inviting the whole community to celebrate with us.  There will be music, food and fun.  More details to come as the months go by.  There will be lots of ways to help out with this celebration – planning has begun so if you’d like to help, let us know!

Warm wishes for your new year,

Anna for the Hilltown Village