Goose Energy

Ever heard of the idea of goose energy?  Imagine a V of geese flying south for the winter.  That first goose is working hard, taking the full brunt of the oncoming wind.  The geese behind honk their encouragement.  When the goose in front tires she flies on back to join the V and a new goose comes forward to lead the way.  That’s the spirit of goose energy, different geese taking turns leading the way.  Anybody guess where this is going?

In the fall I will be leaving the Hilltown Village to spend time with my own growing family (we’re expecting a new baby in November!).  Katy is stepping back to devote more time to other work in the community.  She will stay on as Treasurer.   Maureen will continue to manage the Closet.  Jess Kuttner, one of our facilitators, has agreed to step forward to coordinate the Mothers’ Groups.  In order for the Hilltown Village to continue to offer Resource Kits, Home Visits and Food Calendars we need some new geese!  The work of the Hilltown Village includes supporting families, recruiting and training new volunteers, as well as fundraising and outreach.

I have deeply enjoyed my time with the Hilltown Village.  It has not always been easy but it has brought meaning and richness to my life.  Each time I call a family to check in or do an orientation or read a family’s feedback form I feel renewed and inspired to continue.  To be a part of providing something so basic and needed and yet so lacking has been profoundly rewarding.  Each volunteer training I present grounds me in our vision and purpose: to increase support and decrease isolation for rural families with newborns.  It is both simple and revolutionary work.

The Hilltown Village has always been a labor of love.  It began as an all-volunteer effort with any expenses coming out of the coordinators’ pockets or small fundraisers.  We’ve come a long way.  Through fundraising efforts and partnerships with local organizations, particularly the Hilltown Community Health Centers and the St. John’s Church in Ashfield, our budget has grown.  Any incoming staff will be paid a stipend for their work.  Staff work as a team shaping the vision of the organization and working to ensure its future.  Please be in touch if you would like to be involved: 413-625-6948 or

Happy spring to you and yours!

~Anna for the Hilltown Village

PS – Here are some of our lovely new volunteers trained this month:


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