Feeding Your Newborn

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We are here to offer support and information as you learn to feed your baby and make decisions that are right for your family. Families feed their babies in many different ways. We have gathered resources here that others have found helpful. If you can’t find what you need or have questions, please contact the Family Services Director.

If you have a feeding resource that you have found helpful that is not listed here please let us know! If you are struggling with a particular aspect of feeding and would like to connect with another family who has been there, we may be able to connect you to someone who has walked that road before you.


Bottle-Feeding (Breastmilk or Formula)


If you do not exclusively breastfeed for whatever reason, you have options for what you feed your baby – commercial formula (organic and conventional), donor milk (from a milk bank or from someone local) – and how you feed your baby – bottle, cup, on-the-breast-lactation aid, finger-feeding – ask us!  We have personal experience with alternative feeding options.

Donor Milk

The two basic choices in donor milk are milk from a milk bank, which is screened and pasteurized, and milk directly from a nursing mother. You may be comfortable with one or the other option, or neither — the following links can help you make an informed choice: