Mission and Core Beliefs

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Our Mission:

It Takes a Village is a nonprofit organization offering free postpartum support to families with infants and young children living in Western Massachusetts. Our mission is to increase practical and emotional support and decrease social isolation, all while engaging the community to understand their responsibility in welcoming the newest members of their Village.


We are honored to serve all families in our community, including single-parents, grandparents, fostering and adopting families, same-sex parents, and transgender parents, and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, income, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, citizenship, or age.


Mollie Chris and Rowan_350Our Core Beliefs:

  1. We believe… All mothers are at risk of postpartum stress and emotional complications (PPD/anxiety), regardless of income or background. In addition, mothers of newborns and young children may experience feeling overwhelmed, exhaustion, social isolation, and many other stresses (newborn feeding, financial, lack of time, marital strain, etc).
  2. We believe…Motherhood is not meant to be done alone. Throughout history, mothers have typically had family and community support, both practical and emotional, while caring for their newborns and young children. This is not the case for every mother in modern times and especially for mothers living in the Hilltowns, where family members and friends may live far away (or in another part of the country).
  3. We believe…that a mother who is well nurtured can better care for herself, her baby and her family.
  4. We believe…community health and wellness begins with mothers. Supported mothers = healthy families = strong communities.
  5. We believe…mothers in rural communities like the Hilltowns face unique circumstances of isolation. Living far from neighbors, extreme weather, uncertain road conditions, lack of job opportunities, few affordable childcare options, amount of time needed for travel, and an overall lack of social centers and parenting supports are contributing factors to this isolation. This makes Hilltown mothers more at risk for postpartum emotional complications (postpartum depression, anxiety, etc) and other emotional hardships.